A small guy in the pants. Likes to dress like a wannabe gangster. His pants are usually sagged lower than his IQ. He parties alot and thinks he is hot with the ladies. He is an LG slayer ; however he fails to succeed. He likes to think he is perfect.
Lexi : "Oh Zach is wheeling you? Don't feel special he does it to everyone"
Eva : "Oh I would never go for him anyways I heard he has a 2 incher.."
Lexi: "Yah and who tf does he think he is"
by superejb27 November 21, 2014
Zach is a tool who thinks he is hot but he really looks like the bottom of a gorilla butt. He picks his nose and is a dork.
by baebaenumbaone April 30, 2014
zach is a player! everyone loves him, especially girls! he has a wide range of girls everywhere. hes always caught flirting. worries a lot about his reputation, stays positive, and likes to blame things on others. he doesnt care about other people only him self. but zach is a good person deep down inside, but he just hasnt prove it to himself yet.
Zach is not to be messed with.

Zach is a powerful man.

Should I date Zach, he's hot?!
by loverslanefan4eva August 09, 2011
A Small white boy with rosey cheeks and a bubbly laugh. Picture a chipmunk, but take away the fur, and you have a Zach. Good served in butter with a side of home fries. Worth a good five dollars on the black market, except when served in nugget form.
Go into your back yard and shave a chipmunk and you will know what Zach looks like. No other example needed. chipmunk delicious cute
by TheVoice611 March 17, 2013
A kid who is somewhat chubby,but still attractive. He is very good to women and extremely good in the sack,but always puts bros before hoes. All Zachs are in some way related to Chuck Norris,and have a huge penis."
"Man did you see Zach last night?"
by Mr.Dangerous January 21, 2012
A cheating asshole who likes to have sex with you then brag about it to his friends who then try to hook up with you once you break up. STAY AWAY ladies he is bad news all around. He only lasts a minute or two in bed then likes to brag about how good he is. Dont be fooled by his sweet smile, he is a douche and deserves to get a rare STD that has no cure and makes your penis fall off...oh wait...his penis is so small already that there wouldnt be much to fall off. And watch out for that crazy tongue thing he does while you are kissing...his spit gets EVERWHERE!
you are being such a zach right now
by girl who hates him April 28, 2011
a two faced, lying asshole, who doesn't know shit about anything, stoner, and total dumbass, doesn't know right from wrong, or his head from his ass, shouldn't use people just to get stuff, usually fat and ugly. needs to get a life and go after prettier girls! :)
That guy is a total ZACH!
by yeahhboyy13 August 16, 2011
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