a two faced, lying asshole, who doesn't know shit about anything, stoner, and total dumbass, doesn't know right from wrong, or his head from his ass, shouldn't use people just to get stuff, usually fat and ugly. needs to get a life and go after prettier girls! :)
That guy is a total ZACH!
by yeahhboyy13 August 16, 2011
a total dick that only goes out with a girl for a week and is really cocky and full of himself.
god you are such a zach
by jennabear June 15, 2011
A cheating asshole who likes to have sex with you then brag about it to his friends who then try to hook up with you once you break up. STAY AWAY ladies he is bad news all around. He only lasts a minute or two in bed then likes to brag about how good he is. Dont be fooled by his sweet smile, he is a douche and deserves to get a rare STD that has no cure and makes your penis fall off...oh wait...his penis is so small already that there wouldnt be much to fall off. And watch out for that crazy tongue thing he does while you are kissing...his spit gets EVERWHERE!
you are being such a zach right now
by girl who hates him April 28, 2011
The biggest a**h*** in the world.
Zach J.
by VampireAC November 24, 2010
N. (Zah-kūh)
1. A person who can not spell, yet graduated from high school. Also, a name used to describe a mild form of autism, (i.e: Aspergers)

2. A person, usually a man, who is extremely awkward in social situations. Or, makes terrible jokes about situations that were actually tragic and not funny at all, in social situations.

3. A man who looks British, and it is caused by his jaw line.

4. A good husband.
"Did that guy really just spell "the" wrong?"
"Yes, he is definitely a Zach!"
by DictionAce January 07, 2013
The most overused ass name in Urban Dictionary
"Oh, His name is Zach"
"I'll think I'll name Him Zach"
"My new baby's name is Zach..."
by TheAmazingSX August 12, 2012
An exceedingly boring individual who would be far more epic if he would change his name to Zacharias.
We're looking at you, Zach. O.O
Theseus aka Zach bores me and his girlfriend wanted me to say that she hates him. Enjoy, dollface.
by Severus Sexy Snape July 24, 2011

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