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A word that I made up that means yummy and delicious :D

(Oh, by the way, I did make this word up, but I'll bet that a lot of other people did, too, who don't even know me, so if you are saying WTF I MADE IT UP NOT THIS IDIOT then sorry)
That ice cream I had last night was soooo yummalicious!
by Watever4344 December 29, 2010
describing something that taste amazing yum & delicious created by Amber Randolph
That food was yummalicious
by Babyg_xxx June 12, 2014
Something that is both yummy and delicious. When you say the word, you should be eating candy, cake, or any other delicious delectable. Never use this word for sarcasm, this is serious.
Liza ate the yummalicious chocolate before bed and couldn't go to sleep at night. (true story)
by Peeves Prankster June 13, 2011
The description of Cari's mi sister tacos.
When Cari made her taco's last night, i had to yell out YUMMALICIOUS!
by taco_freak April 15, 2009

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