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A word that I made up that means yummy and delicious :D

(Oh, by the way, I did make this word up, but I'll bet that a lot of other people did, too, who don't even know me, so if you are saying WTF I MADE IT UP NOT THIS IDIOT then sorry)
That ice cream I had last night was soooo yummalicious!
by Watever4344 December 29, 2010
Justin Bieber

(aka a combination of weird and queer/in some ways u put it, gay)
Justin Bieber is such a queerdo
by Watever4344 January 23, 2011
A stupid, new-ish band who 1. Only got signed by Disney so they could compete with Nick's latest success, Big Time Rush 2. Yes, copy BTR (ok lots of ppl don't really like BTR who even view this site) 3. Have a stupid band name 4. Only got signed bcuz yes the do resemble Big Time Rush but Disney is looking for their next new and hottest success, and no, these people are not even close to hot.

I mean, seriously. Just LOOK at them, and compare them with Big Time Rush. They have 4 guys in their band, thats a start...ok well no one in BTR plays an instrument, but still.

Their music similar, and so are their personalities. The singer, Zach, is too much like James from BTR: trying to be the hot-shot leader of the band, fake that they r sooo humble...yeah right. And there is a Spanish dude in each band, Carlos from BTR and Michael Martinez (right...? idk but there is a spanish dude in there) And they all just share the same personalities.

I personally think that ASW (Allstar weekend...if u haven't figured it out) is gonna epically fail. And you can click the thumbs down button all you want, but face the facts: THEY ARE COPYCATS WHOS MUSIC SUCKS!
Queerdo: Hayyy wanna come see Allstar Weekend IN CONCERT WITH ME?!?!?! PLEASE! THEY R SOOOO AWESOME!!!

Me: I'd rather die alone in a hole.
by Watever4344 December 28, 2010

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