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'Yssup' is derived from spelling 'Pussy' backwards. It is the best way to get away with saying it in front of people who hate the P word.
When the menses be havin a sausage party, the girls throw the yssup party!...or Stop being such a yssup
by Munky November 07, 2003
Pussy spelled backwards.
*slurping noise* yssssssup!
by Stinkoman February 23, 2005
The action of a man losing his nut sack, do to fear or lack of confidence in his surroundings and getting a big hairy vagina.
Your new name is Yssup for your actions.

You have just been Yssuped.
by Shizzlenit November 12, 2010
Another name for a pussy; Something you call someone when you are in a crowd and you don't want to say "pussy".
Yo man James is being such a yssup lately.
by Jet Lewis April 10, 2008