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When someone desides to take there time and search around Looking into the depts of the website, the youtuber will find what the desire.
Lets go Youtubeing, it'll be fun
by juiceboxWORDS June 02, 2007
Used when the said person is on YouTube browsing various videos.
"Hey did you see that new Smosh video?"

"Yeah, I saw it while I was YouTube-ing yesterday, it was awesome!"
by AltoSopranoAnnie September 23, 2007
Is the activity of randomly searching and viewing through videos on Youtube.

Or basically using Youtube.
Person one asks: "what are you doing?"
Person two says: " I'm youtubeing"

Person two is viewing videos on Youtube.
by Tinka Taylor April 27, 2011
verb. - where one enrolls in the action of searching and viewing upon
Jane went youtubeing and found a great new music video.
by ellie64 February 03, 2009
Telling someone your watching something on youtube
wat u doin man!
nm just youtube-ing.u?
awesome im chillin maan
by Shazzy Himself August 20, 2008
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