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A slang word used for browsing youtube for videos.
Hey wots poppin?
not much just youtubin.
by Dave222 May 02, 2007
A slang word for 'browsing youtube and/or watching youtube videos' Can be used in multiple conversations.
Man - Brb gonna do some youtubin'

Man 1 - Hey were the hell have you been? We were all gonna meet up at the mall.

Man 2 - I was youtubin', got hooked into watching the longest video on youtube
by PossibleTheory February 21, 2010
(Usually caused by boredom), the act of only going on the computer so you can search random videos on YouTube.
I was so bored last night, I just decided to go YouTubin' for a bit.
by qwerty12323 November 25, 2007

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