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indulgence in flaunting oneself on YouTube, regardless of talent.
Shawna is so guilty of YouTubery that she can't even take a crap without filming it.
by abba02 September 03, 2007
(1). General shenanigans and tomfoolery committed either by someone on youtube or by someone doing things for the sake of being on youtube.

(2). Reckless and sometime hilarious things people do to get noticed on youtube

(3). Messing around aimlessly on youtube.

Synonyms: Youcrastinating, Youcrastillaxing, TomTubery, Younanigans.
Two Friends Talking
Main Character: Hey man what have you been doing all day? I have called at least three times.

Miscellaneous creeper 1: Nothing just up to some Youtubery, you know watching some SxePhil, Tobuscus, the usual.

Main Character: Oh that's cool man, just don't spend too much time Youcrastinating we have that project to work on.

Same creeper: Yeah no TomTubery from me, I'm just getting up to date on my subscriptions.

Main Character: Okay just keep the Younanigans down to a minimum.
by Jjlkb February 22, 2011
Where you commit (knowing or not) too video an embarrassing moment for the world to see.
Most videos on Youtube.

I let my boyfriend film our blow job, I thought it was cool until I found my drunken moment on Youtube. What a fool I was to commit such Youtubery.
by Criss the Cat December 07, 2009
There are three types of youtubery 1. a video is the worst the video in history 2. The most funniest video in history 3. to say a video is terrible but in a fantastic way
Gangnam Style is Youtubery (type 3)
by R.D.S February 19, 2013
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