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2 definitions by Jjlkb

(1). General shenanigans and tomfoolery committed either by someone on youtube or by someone doing things for the sake of being on youtube.

(2). Reckless and sometime hilarious things people do to get noticed on youtube

(3). Messing around aimlessly on youtube.

Synonyms: Youcrastinating, Youcrastillaxing, TomTubery, Younanigans.
Two Friends Talking
Main Character: Hey man what have you been doing all day? I have called at least three times.

Miscellaneous creeper 1: Nothing just up to some Youtubery, you know watching some SxePhil, Tobuscus, the usual.

Main Character: Oh that's cool man, just don't spend too much time Youcrastinating we have that project to work on.

Same creeper: Yeah no TomTubery from me, I'm just getting up to date on my subscriptions.

Main Character: Okay just keep the Younanigans down to a minimum.
by Jjlkb February 22, 2011
A mix of gatorade and water, usually caused by having a half empty bottle of gatorade, but you still need to excersise.
Guy: Dang, I only have half a bottle of gatorade and I still need to go to practice.

Guy2: It's okay just make some Gator-water
Guy: Yeah your right.
by Jjlkb June 15, 2007