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Dorfman is an obscure Philipino term for God, direct translation: 'Man for whom there are statues'. The last name is given only to people with god-like qualities.
"Lets go pray to the Dorfman"
#philipino #god #worship #statue #dofman #dorf #foreign #religious
by pencil March 31, 2007
Def 1. For something be 'YouTubed', it must be made public in a way that anyone who wants to can find out about it/ see it/ watch it.

Def 2. For something to be made public.
Sally: Why the fuck did you have to make it YouTubed that I'm a virgin, that was a secret!

George: Whatever hoe.
#you tube #public #share #secret #private
by pencil January 30, 2007
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