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A Minnesotan phrase that can be translated into the following...
1- "Yes"
2- "I agree"
3- "You sound like you know more then I do"
4- "You're wrong, but I'll make you feel better about it"
5- "If not more"
6- "Damn Wisconsin Packer Cheeseheads"
7- "You're annoying"
1- "And would you like fries with that?" You Betcha
2- "This weather could be worst." You Betcha
3- "...therefore those chemicals cannot be mixed." You Betcha
4- "Our neighbor is one of them gay guys, I think, don't cha know." You Betcha
5- "We got at least three feet of snow." You Betcha
6- "Eloo der, I'm frum Wiscaaansin." You Betcha
7- "Oh my god, I was like, no way, and he was like, way." You Betcha
by Aaron Bartholomew Poxleitner July 17, 2005
yes, you can bet on it
Teenager 1: Dude, are you alright?

Teenager 2: You Betcha
#you bet #you bet your boots #you bet your life #you bet your sweet ass #you bet your sweet patootie
by Light Joker December 11, 2006
Republican for "Yes We Can!"
Jay-Z: Can I get a woot woot
Palin: you betcha
#yes we can #bling bling #woot woot #grrr #raah
by ragnus February 14, 2010
Also can be used in place of "You're welcome", or "No problem".
Person 1; "Thank you for that delicious Lutefisk hotdish".

Person 2 replies; "You betcha".
#fargo-ese #scandinavian-american #dontcha #whossat #oof-dah
by catmandew July 23, 2010
Contraction of "you bet your...." (life, ass, money, etc.). Also "you betcher"
You betcha!
You betcher ass!
#you #bet #betcha #betcher #ass
by p-chip August 21, 2009
A Minnesotan phrase used as a form of agreement, understanding, acceptance.
Person 1: "It's good to have everyone together don't you think?"
Person 2: "Oh you betcha"
via giphy
by Worksmithmaker December 04, 2015
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