Pure and simply the best bastard place on earth. We'll fuck anyone up and no one dares mess with us. We are the true representation of good old propa english football with no diving and propa tackles. LANCASHIRE WANK WANK WANK!!!

However saying this there is one bad thing about yorkshire............... WE ALL HATE LEEDS SCUM, WE ALL LEEDS SCUM, WE ALL HATE LEEDS SCUM, WE ALL HATE LEEDS SCUM!!!!!!!!!!

by bakerbakerbaker February 07, 2009
Top Definition
Best county in the UK by far. I aint ever gonna leave. Best accent n'all. Far less annoyin than dodgy southern accent.
I don't own a whippet.
by Crook November 29, 2004
A place for those who appreciate countryside and city alike, fresh air, culture, tradition, rain and down to earth, hard working folk. Not to forget an accent which has a soul, not something nicked off the telly.
home sweet home sweet home sweet home
by cazoo April 17, 2005
Yorkshire is great cos you get a decent pint of beer
But there is only one good drink that tetley's do, and thats tea
by mr smith March 06, 2005
Yorkshire is Englands Largest County, habitat of a truly great breed of peoples, the yorkshire men. But alas the end is nigh for these peoples as they succumb to the grasping fingers of the big city corporations which seek to turn their flatcaps to NY baseball caps, their pint of bitter to a bottle of smirnof ice and generally give the place a good 'chaving' up. I fear in 50 years the sight of the true yorkshire men quaffing beer after a hard games cricket or a quick sweat down some or other coal mine will be no more. And we'll look like every other sod in sodding britain.
Yorkshire, the sweet white rose county
Emerdale the soap written by soft, southern, shandy drinking, bastards to charicature hard working intelligent yorkshire men.
by Joez December 11, 2005
God's Back Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the fuck are we doing in lancashire take me home country roads to the county i love best; YORKSHIRE!
by GregL May 31, 2006
Yorkshire is the best damned place in England, and I am not being baist - I'm from Scotland.
It has beauty and a great deal of countryside, which, unfortunately, is disappearing. Probably one of the only places in Britain that is British.
Myself, I am moving to Scotland again next year, for Yorkshire is for the Yorkshire men. Keep immigrants out of it! They do not deserve to live there, and will only populate the towns, hence making them bigger.
Yorkshire people are not animal molesters, either; any dumbass knows that, and almost any dumbass knows that when it comes to bestiality, Wales is the joke. Not Yorkshire.

I've traveled England, and Yorkshire is definately the best place- not just from my point of veiw, but from all my fellow outsider's.
Yorkshire is the next best place to the beauty one can find in Scotland, and I greatly admire it and all it's native peoples.
by Hellz August 07, 2006
Yorkshire born, yorkshire bred, strong in the arm and great in bed ... up your lancashire =p
yorkshire is better than lancashire The end ... no but ... its a fact ... so just accept it
by Yamashita =] July 24, 2008
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