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yorkshire.....a place where Burnley is.
"small town in yorkshire,
you`re just a small town in yorkshire,
small town in yorrrrrrrkshire,
you`re just a small town in yorkshire"

(a song sung by Blackburn Rovers fans, when playing Burnley...which isn`t very often)
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
a derogatory term used to refer to someone who is either thick or inbreed
that girl is so stupid, bet she's yorkshire. i never meet someone more yorkshire in my life.

stop being so yorkshire
by akisunshine August 12, 2008
a place where old cunts like to talk about mining and cricket. a place not dissimilar to hell itself. yorkshire sucks monkey chum.
man, i just ate my own poo and the taste reminded me of how bad yorkshire is

pakistan, you think pakistan is bad? try going to yorkshire!

by i h8 yorkshire 4 lyf January 12, 2009
a boring boring place with nothing but sheep, fields and inbreds. scared of change the whole area is living in the 80's. The only form of dialect is "ee" "come by" "tractor" and "aye" which is used for everything. the main local dish is a YORKSHIRE pudding which is a cheap form of a dumpling as 3/4 is missing.
oh my god i must be living in the most boring place on earth how do i get out of YORKSHIRE
by old greg June 30, 2006
Yorkshire is a scruffy place in the north of England that strongly resembles a huge chemical dumping ground!!. It is full of strange people who are generally stupid and scruffy looking in appearence with no no self esteem or pride. People from yorkshire also have sexual attractions to white fluffy animals called sheep!!
I would hate to go to YORKSHIRE because it full of sheep lovers...
by Mike Hughes January 28, 2005