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Yorkshire is Englands Largest County, habitat of a truly great breed of peoples, the yorkshire men. But alas the end is nigh for these peoples as they succumb to the grasping fingers of the big city corporations which seek to turn their flatcaps to NY baseball caps, their pint of bitter to a bottle of smirnof ice and generally give the place a good 'chaving' up. I fear in 50 years the sight of the true yorkshire men quaffing beer after a hard games cricket or a quick sweat down some or other coal mine will be no more. And we'll look like every other sod in sodding britain.
Yorkshire, the sweet white rose county
Emerdale the soap written by soft, southern, shandy drinking, bastards to charicature hard working intelligent yorkshire men.
by Joez December 11, 2005
The Life Of Brian is a Monty Python film following the misfortunes of a baby born in the stable nextdoor to jesus, Brian.
The Life Of Brian

"He's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy"
on jesus- "bloody do-gooder"
on the romans- "bloody romans"
by Joez December 11, 2005
A poorly written ITV soap opera, which represents the good, honest people of Yorkshire as idiots, and helps fuel the untrue belief that Yorkshire men are obbsessed with beastiality. In truth perverse interest in animals is only found in one area of Yorkshire... Whitby, which is only very small and generally unimportant anyway.
Emerdale must be written by stupid southerners, for them to portray such inaccurate storys of life in a small yorkshire village.

How can so much, happen to so few, in such a small area?
by Joez December 11, 2005
A seaside resort town in Yorkshire, England.
Scarborough- population= lucky me
by Joez December 11, 2005

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