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Person from Oldham
You, you're a Yoner you is
by Marie August 23, 2003
18 8
Noun: When one (normally a male) begins to yawn by putting his arms out, only to have a near by friend point out that he has a massive erection.
Drew: *yawn*
Andrew: Wow drew you should really put your arms down you have a massive yoner.
Jake: I like it! :P
by Andrew, Quickdraw, Drew October 19, 2009
9 5
a hard longlasting erection
that girl is giving me a big yoner
by kool RCHS student October 28, 2008
8 6
A lady boner.
WOW! I have a raging yoner right now.
by king stanson June 03, 2012
2 1