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The act of smoking marijuana with close friends. Most preferably out of a Blunt.
Homie 1: What's up fool?
Homie 2: Not much, you fin' to yoast right now?
Homie 1: Nigga I'm always down to yoast a blunt
by hoodratpoison March 31, 2009
A term of endearment towards friends that you would gladly share a blunt with.
What up yoast!?

Not much bro, you got a blunt?
For you, I always got a blunt
by Tony56 January 05, 2014
It's when you cook the egg inside the bread. So you get egg-toast, or yoast. Like in the movie V for Vendetta.
V: "Do you fancy some yoast on this most vivacious of Vonember noons?"
Evey: "Why yes, I most certainly would."
by Barclaise April 21, 2006