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Yim Yams is another slang word for tis boobs etc
she keeps on throwing her yim yams up in my face
by Nick Metcalfe January 19, 2009
(n.) - a tree

(v.) - an action performed on one's mother; usually an exclaimation or threat/insult.
(n.) - "The leaves in that yim yam are gorgeous at this time of the year."

(v.) - 1) "I yim yammed your mom!"
2) "I yimmed your mom's yam!"
by Tangerine February 28, 2005
somebody with the name Jimmy or James.
I was going to go to the movies, but instead decided to smoke a dube with yim yams.
by squish squashy April 17, 2006
Yim-yam is a synonym for jizz, cum, etc.
Mostly used among guys to describe what they did with a girl or what they would like to do with her.
I yim-yammed all over that bitch.
by Bonecrusher October 09, 2005
Pills that make you feel good when you take them (i.e. Adderall). Their clinical name is too solemn sounding to be referred to as such, so you just call them yim yams.
"Got 2 yim yams in my stomach"
by jakk765 August 08, 2016
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