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The human organ used to store and digest pancakes.
Ow you fuckfinger you got me in the pancreas, now i won't be able to eat pancakes!
by Bonecrusher August 22, 2003
The noise pattern a plush kookaburra from the national geographic shop makes when moving on feet.
Where's the kookaburra.. "taptaptap" there it is!
by Bonecrusher August 22, 2003
Yim-yam is a synonym for jizz, cum, etc.
Mostly used among guys to describe what they did with a girl or what they would like to do with her.
I yim-yammed all over that bitch.
by Bonecrusher October 09, 2005
The south african attempt to laugh like mr hanky the christmas poo. Also used to impersanate anyone who finds something humorous which in reality isn't.
Then i said, i left the cheese in my beret... how how, how how, how how
by Bonecrusher August 22, 2003
The slang word for kitten or specifically erin delaney who is like a kitten.
Stop tickling! kittURN!
by Bonecrusher August 22, 2003
Pertaining to the bouncing behaiviour of something with fur or something that acts like it is a furry being.
You are such a boingyfur.
by Bonecrusher August 22, 2003
The noise a plush snow leopard makes when it is cleaning itself.
What the fuck is that slurping noise? Its just a snow leopard cleaning itself.
by Bonecrusher August 22, 2003
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