a bong form of smoking cannabis with a partial circular "puck", or piece, of a tailor made cigarette. Instead of "bowl" there is a hollow tube that fits nicely in the slider, the cigarette puck is placed inside at the edge of the tube and then the cannabis is to be packed on top of the partial cigarette "puck" in the tube. Once a tube is packed nice and neatly, the packed side is placed upwards inside the slider to create a yettie.
"take a hit off of this yettie"
"let's smoke the yettie"
"will you pack the yettie"
by boptobop September 08, 2009
(Yett-I). The plural form of the word Yetti meaning a mythical creature or very hairy person.
Wow, there alot of Yettie in the forrest today.
by PossessedByBertrum June 02, 2009

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