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To masturbate to something you found hot the other day.
Matt: Dude, i just saw this hot chick the other day!
Travis: Did you yesterbate to her?
Matt: Hell yeah!
by Whatever you want it to be. April 07, 2011
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To excessively whine about what could have been done in the past.
"Man, I never should have worn crocs in my dick pic," yesterbated Bret during halftime of his pickup football game.
by fuzzysummer June 13, 2014
A verb that describes the act of masterbating on the day previous to the current date.
Nic: Did you yesterbate?

Dylan: Nah, but I did it this morning.

Nic: High five!
by Nic-To-The-K November 08, 2011
Shorthand for a story beginning with "yesterday i masterbated..."
Yesterbate and it went all over my walls. Yesterbate and then my dog walked in and one thing led to another.
by Detective Mittens April 19, 2009

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