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A place that where doing various drugs is looked very high upon in recent studies.

James: Wanna go do Meth?
Curtis: NO!
James: Why not we're in yelm?!
Curtis: Really? Ok!
Michael: O YEAH!!
by Michael Whitman 21 June 22, 2008
A small melting pot town in Washington, that everyone seems to think is a "Hick town", pronounced (yell-mm). At one point in time was the neighbor of the methanphetamine capitol of the world. Now a days is known better for the extremely potent Marijuana it's townsfolk produce, and distribute. There are suburbs of Yelm as well. See: "Nisqually Pines" or "The Pines".
I know it's a long drive to Yelm, yo... they got that Boobonic Cronic!!! Just hope it aint laced.
by Dabrat1986 July 27, 2009
1.Small town in Northwest Washington where everyone is friends with everyone as it seems but a rumor can spread quick as wildfire.Also known as Y-Town

2. The sound a fast car makes

3. A Native word meaning to pee, poop, and sneeze at the same time.
1. I love living in yelm

2. Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllm!

3. I had the biggest yelm in your sink last night.
by Johhny K June 23, 2008
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