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A place where people's car payments usually equal more then their house payment, ghettoness is seen as respectable, all the houses look EXACTLY the same, the mall is scary, there are 20 billion places to eat but every one of them is always packed because there's nothing better to do, and the locals feed off enlisted Army members and their families like parasites.
"So I was in Killeen yesterday, and I couldn't get over how ghetto it was"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008
Town next to FT.Hood where there is nothing to do at all except eat because there are a bajillion restaurants and thats it.
Hey man ever hear of killeen? i hear all the poeple are fat cuase there aint shit to do but eat.
by Bill Dotrieve April 13, 2008
A Military town located in Texas, where soldiers go to get screwed over by not only the local economy but also the over policy making pen pushers on FT. Hood. A place where you can purchase a 'stolen' car from a used dealership and yet the dealership does no wrong, God forbid you ever need something from the Copeland center, everyone has a job there, but no one knows whats going on, or how to do anything...The DoD must love giving the job position of "I cant help you you need to go to this office" only to be told by the next office the same thing. By another under qualified control freaks who were picked on in high school and are now taking it out on others and is only concerned about their next lunch break/ 5 O' clock off time. Killeen is not all bad though, if you are ever involved in an auto accident the person who hits you "Might, and I say again just 'Might' have insurance" Killeen is a place full of people just trying to get by, but cant because of the wannabe big shots at the top, and the lower level scumbags of petty crime at the very bottom.
You're moving to killeen?.....EWW!.... Killeen is like a golden toilet, everyone wants to shit on it.
by Sharp4President March 20, 2013
It is a small city but its a growing city with plenty to do, it just depends on what you like to do. Affordable and geared mostly towards military, has one good side and one bad side. But the bad side is just like any other bad side of town anywhere else.

If you love bikes you will love the biker environment.
I just saw you two weeks ago, you look like youve grown,...youre growing as fast as killeen!!
by latinavet February 25, 2011
1. an extremely good looking and overall great person.

2. someone who has killed someone named Een and has been named thus.
1. bob: what a good looking and overall great person.
joe: she must be killeen

2. bob: that person killed Een!
joe: she must be killeen
een: i'm dead
by me,maself,i July 13, 2006

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