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driving through people's yards with your vehicle

pretty much drifting trees and ravaging shrubs

fun way to pass the time if you live in a small town

best vehicles to use are those you don't give a shit about

"I know who ran through my yard and its not cool. I spent good money for 2 apple trees that are dead now. I would suggest you get a new hobby. You also didnt happen to see my deer cameras in my yard that took your photograph. I would advise you not to run though my yard again. " - local mother

"damn, i love yarding." - all yard harders.
by originally4cylinder December 28, 2011
The act of a group of people sitting in a graveyard at night, having ingested copious amounts of narcotics.
"Are you coming yarding tonight?"

"Nah man I still can't see any colours after last time"
by wzrdsofficial November 22, 2011
simply put: to have sex ; usually used in the ghetto neighborhoods of dallas
Mickey and Johnny were yarding in her parent's bedroom last night.
by Nerissa Torrez September 24, 2007
Yarding is when individuals return to their alma mater's homecoming and "chill" on the school yard with their friends.
When I get to campus, I will be YARDING all day with my girls!
by Ms. Serious Matter November 17, 2012
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