The sound wario makes.
"yapple"wario said as he beated his meat.
by KawaiiAnime October 26, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for breasts, popularised by a Münchausen patient in an episode of House MD.
"You have great yapples."
by NukeSpoon March 12, 2009
i) As a verb, "yapple" intuitively means, "running one's yap (mouth)."
ii) As a noun, yapple could mean a quantity of gibberish (meaningless sounds or language).
i) When Christina woke up in the back seat, she yappled.
ii) "I've never heard such utterly boring yapple in my life!!"
by Johnny Chingas May 09, 2004
A Chinese child that partakes of a potato baby.
It thoroughly bothered me to see the "yapple" partake of their disturbing feast.
by Shakin babies April 02, 2009

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