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the underrated, cool, handsome, bad guy. the opposite of mario, yet they still seem to be the hip guys between the kids. i mean come on, man, have you seen the video game charts lately? they rule that chart.
Wario is as good of a character as Mario.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
N.) The insanely rich cousin to Mario from "The Super Mario Bros." by Nintendo. He looks like a demented Mario, but has a more kickass attitude.
Wario shall crush you all!
by Soup May 21, 2004
Greedy and rich cousin of Mario. made many apearances, and even has own Gamecube game. Not Mario's evil twin, cause Mario was a bully to Wario as kids
"Wario is my evil twin.(lie)"
by Luigifan12 July 02, 2004
The once friend of Mario. Is the best character to be in Mario Party. Needs to be held up in higher reguard.
Wario is the best nintendo character.
by Rob c October 05, 2003
Mario's rival. Loves his $$$!
I'm a a-wario! I'm a goin' a kick ur ass-sa!
by Bengeta July 15, 2003
better than money,
better than sex,
the yellow italian plumber-form of god.
i iz wario ima gonna win a
by rainbow-mage June 14, 2008
a fat bitch that causes trouble to mario and the gang he is fat
mario: wario your fat ass isnt eatin no more spegetti bitch
wario (fatass):mamma mia
luigi:what the much can your fatass eat
by pimp n grip August 03, 2006
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