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A notorious ferret puncher.
I wass soo drunksu i puanhced the fertys like Yanni deos. I"m soory!
by the ferty puancherd April 19, 2004
49 51
Neo Classical/Instrumental composer born in Kalamata, Greece who is a self taught musician. Through pure talent, emotion and imagination he has composed some of the most beautiful music. His keyboarding and piano skills are unmatched.
Did you see Yanni live at the Acropolis? It was amazing.
by robert June 01, 2004
164 86
A very sweet and caring person. He has the biggest heart and deserves everything he has. he has amazing looks and an even better personality. he is never selfish, and always puts others before himself. sometimes he may think to much, but everything always works out. sometimes he blames things on himself, when they r never his fault, but he just like that. he can be ur best friend, ur shoulder to cry on, anything u need him to be. he really is an amazing person and if u have a personlike him in your life, try to not screw it up. it will be the biggest mistake you will ever have made.
Wow. I wish i could have a friend like yanni
by kissmya$$ January 05, 2011
91 35
"A Greek sex god, amazing at anything sensual. The sexiest man in existence to date.
Ah! He gets more ass than a toilet seat! He is such a Yanni!"
by Yiiinage April 03, 2010
92 49
The sound that a wild Yak makes when either giving birth or taking a mondo shit
"Yanni! Yanni Yaaaaaaaaaanni!! Yaaaaaaaaa(loud farting and squirting sounds) niiiiiiiiiii" > sigh of relief
by L.Czemba February 05, 2004
138 97
The coolest person to ever live. Yanni makes beautiful, inspirational music and throws a kick ass live show.
Yanni is awesome.
by Freddy Dingo June 08, 2004
99 80
To "Yanni On" is to extrapolate and exagerate a word or a concept, mostly making no sense.
That movie was undeniably altruistic, and orthodontic, yet it kept to its grammatical theme and had a cinematical and theatrical occasion in lenophenomiana. woah - you got your Yanni on.
by Boombah Like Words April 26, 2011
4 5
the best mom ever
YANNI! paul hit me!
by tonsofdeadkitnz December 06, 2010
5 6