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this phrase is just another way to spell out the word "suck", as in "S-U-C-K". Maximum suckability.
1. On Independence Day 1996 a relative of mine came over and we went to the cinema to see the movie "Independence Day" (it opened on that day, of course) and it had cliches and stereotypes galore. For starters, the Vietnam vet character was a bum and big time substance abuser who could only "redeem" himself to society by giving his life in a suicidal mission against the alien invaders. Also the flick had every possible scene, landscape, plot device and catchphrase ripped off from every sci-fi thriller in the book. One actor even reprised a term he used in the excellent "Jurassic Park" blockbuster from a few years before. Of course, there were predictable jingoistic elements and the lack of originality deep-sixed that film all the way from the start. Man did it ever ess you cee kay.

2. From a concert review page in an alternative weekly newspaper in an Ohio city:

... early in the evening I got to see and review the white female funkateers Luscious Jackson at the Palladium. The ladies luscious showed some good skillful funk playing, 'cuz they can really git down. After that entertaining gig I had to go to Wolfgang's to catch the Detroit punk/metal/rap/whatever/wtf band Loud Mouth and man alive did they ever ess you cee kay. Ya dig it?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 13, 2008
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