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The feeling of excitement towards something inappropriate or generally frowned upon by many.
Yaidser: "Yes, I got YAIDS from that chick last night!" Captain TurretPants III, King of Shitlandia, Curtania 47, (it's a planet) Esq: "What?"

Frank: "SWEG, I got bit by a spider last night!" Jim: "You're a total YAIDSER, bro."
by ggxrjycghkhjjgf December 22, 2013
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The sexually transmitted disease, similar to AIDS, but only found in the YETTY genus.

There is no cure, but Clan McGreggor ( do temporarily relieve symptoms.
Yoco has contracted YAIDS from Yerek.
by Y-cKeon February 18, 2009
is asking the question are you aids with aids meaning gay, not AIDS as in the disease
You fucking yaids or something
by whatsupdupe October 14, 2008

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