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The feeling of excitement towards something inappropriate or generally frowned upon by many.
Yaidser: "Yes, I got YAIDS from that chick last night!" Captain TurretPants III, King of Shitlandia, Curtania 47, (it's a planet) Esq: "What?"

Frank: "SWEG, I got bit by a spider last night!" Jim: "You're a total YAIDSER, bro."
by ggxrjycghkhjjgf December 22, 2013
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The sexually transmitted disease, similar to AIDS, but only found in the YETTY genus.

There is no cure, but Clan McGreggor ( do temporarily relieve symptoms.
Yoco has contracted YAIDS from Yerek.
by Y-cKeon February 18, 2009
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is asking the question are you aids with aids meaning gay, not AIDS as in the disease
You fucking yaids or something
by whatsupdupe October 14, 2008
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