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yab- means to spit a little game at a female. its pronounced like jab but with a y
this fine girl was walkin down the street so you know i had to "yab" at er
by daygoJ April 26, 2007
(Y)oung (A)vailable (B)achelor, also used to describe someone who is not all there. Generally used to describe ppl who live on the streets that have a personality.
Look at that guy with no shirt, holding a beer, wearing thongs and stinking up the town - what a yab.
by Stellios December 07, 2002
1.) You're a bitch.
2.) Can be combined for more emphasis to say you're a bitch.
1.) Guy 1: You're an idiot.
Guy 2: Yab.
Guy 1: Hey. That's not nice.

2.) Guy 1: You're an idiot.
Guy 2: Yabyabyab.
Guy 1: Woah. Uncalled for dude.
by retardedmonkeys December 09, 2010
Your A Biatch!!
Your A Mutha Fuckin YAB!
by Brody76 February 10, 2004
Acronym for Yet Another Bunch.
Don't mind those guys panhandling at every fuckin intersection; they're YAB of ignorant saps waiting for The Lord to fix everything they've fucked up in their life.
by Say What? June 30, 2004