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to be high off weed or any other drug
this fool bollie as phuck
by daygoJ April 26, 2007
yab- means to spit a little game at a female. its pronounced like jab but with a y
this fine girl was walkin down the street so you know i had to "yab" at er
by daygoJ April 26, 2007
teal is a place of residents and is often used in south east san diego and LA
ah,I'll be back im bout to go to the teal right quick

by daygoJ April 26, 2007
means to have sex with somebody, pronounced: swac and can be spelled with a K OR C or u can say "swab"if u blood
that girl is fine would you swak?

what's up wit that 1 girl?, "nuttin i swaked yesterday",
by daygoJ April 27, 2007
a whop is a gun any kind of gun
1.a here come dat one ni99a pass the whop
2. ask wootie woot if i can get the hand off on the whop
3.i was elm street and them ni99as started whoppin at me (whoppin=shooting)
by daygoJ April 27, 2007
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