The act of fucking(sexual intercourse)
I yamed her and her friend all night!
Im gonna go yam!
by the prodaji June 11, 2008
Young Ass Mutt Mutt is used in the south as a term for o ho slut ect. but the worst kind go to guy to guy to guy like a dog
This club is full of Y.A.M.'s no 5 stars here at all
by Furias April 04, 2011
V. the process of turning something into a yam by sheer will alone.
I yam what I yam
by GzV June 14, 2010
a baby lamb
awwwwwww, that yam is so cute!!!!
by thatisnotallowed! May 01, 2010
Slang word for Jam or Party.
yo man let's hit up that fat yam!
by rblair2 December 20, 2009
throwing various foods and other objects off the 8th grade stairs at people
*object thrown off stairs and hits girl in face*
by the yamming council April 10, 2009
it means whatever you want it to mean
God Yamit or Go Yam yourself or Yammerz for life
by ImaShoobs July 23, 2008

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