A man's crop.
Taken from Chinua Achebe's book, "Things Fall Apart."

"Yam, the king of crops, was a man's crop."

Wife: What would you like to go with the pot roast, dear?

Husband: Yams.

Wife: But we had yams just yesterday! Wouldn't some asparagus be nice?

Husband: I want yams. With butter and salt.

Wife: Why are you so hooked on yams?

Husband: Because yams are a MAN'S crop!
by necoyama March 19, 2009
Noun: Used to depict one who is extremely happy and or cute. Often used to describe one who does stupid things in the pursuit of being cute and or loveable.

Noun: Another word to describe happiness, often used in a form of numerical value.
"oh my god he is such a yam!"

"Oh boy I got so many yams from him this morning."
by Ronald the yam February 18, 2009
A Cumbrian - more Western Cumbrian - slang word for home. A very regional dialect that is not really used outside of the county.
1) See you later, mate, I'm gan yam
by OMG2013 May 30, 2013
Young Adult Male (Specimen Y.A.M.S. )

something cougars hunt

yams become targets for cougars around the age of 17 give or take. Ages can range from approx 17 to maybe 30, it depends strongly on how old the cougar is, in relation to her prey.
A cougar got into the local Y.A.M. hangout and got one of 'em last night, damn cougars.

bro 1 : shit bro! that cougars scopin for Y.A.M.s! we better get out of here!

bro 2: dude! yeah lets beat feet.
by DR0NE January 09, 2013
A term used by supporters of Hibernian Football Club in Edinburgh when referring to their City rivals, Heart of Midlothian.
We play the Yams in two weeks time at Easter Road.
by Yeezus. June 14, 2014
A creature commonly sited at gigs and in bars - often annoyingly attractive, yet fundamentally unpleasant - the Young Arrogant Male
Girl 1- Check out that guy at the bar- he's so hot but such a douche!

Girl 2- He's a yam for sure!
by Kwright January 29, 2014
West Cumbrian colloquialism.
Home, place of residence
- As garn yam - I am going home
- Don't let Tim ga yam by hissel, he's well pissed - Don't allow Tim to travel home alone, he's quite drunk
by Rampant Pogo December 20, 2013

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