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A condition generally associated with celebrities and the ridiculously wealthy.

Not to be confused with xenOphobia (a fear of things which are strange or foreign, or the fear of aliens), XenUphobia is a fear one PARTICULAR alien, by the name of Xenu.

Altough Xenuphobia is often believed to be caused by a severe lack of common sense combined with mild to severe insanity, it is actually caused by belief in Scientology, a religion created by L. Ron Hubbard, who must therefore be considered the most clever man of the 20th Century.

Persons suffering from Xenuphobia are more commonly referred to as Scientologists.
Tom Cruise has the most serious case of Xenuphobia I have seen in my entire career.

Xenuphobia kills both brain cells and bank accounts. Friends don't let friends become Scientologists.
by IRONSWORD1 March 09, 2006
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