The fear any OU Sooner fan has for anyone from Texas. If you say you are from Texas, they assume you are a Texas Longhorn fan in Oklahoma with the intent of saying or doing evil to an OU Sooner fan. If you say Texas, they will automatically add Longhorn with a Pavlov's Dog type of reaction.
Hey, Joe, don't be such a xenophobe toward this Texan. This Texan is a Texas A&M Aggie fan, and they brand Bevo Longhorns if given the chance, with 11-0.
by samwiser August 11, 2011
Idiots who hate or fear those from other countries, for more on this see Donald Trump
Donald Trump is a xenophobe.
by Grammer Natzi November 09, 2015
A fear of aliens. Foreign or extraterrestrial.
Most americans are xenophobes
by Will October 02, 2003
a really nifty arcade game in the 80s where you fight aliens,was later released for the nintendo system
wow i totally blasted that alien in xenophobe
by Horf May 09, 2004
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