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A cool ass chick, a little sensitive at times but all around awesome person
"He did what? That's so Wynter."
by Manyfacesx88x March 15, 2010
a hot sweet sometimes sensitive chick, who is always up for a good time . can act crazy sometimes in a good way and usually is a flirt. usually an extremley attractive red girl whose curvacious body will have you begging for more . wynter's are always good at pleasing their man and will do almost anything for them . a chick that you can bring home to meet the parents but will still be a freak in the sheets.
mannnn wynter is the total package .
by sexylips18 October 21, 2011
An extremely hot girl with the tightest, wettest pussy you'll ever experience. She's sexy and never leaves you disappointed, with an ass of a godess. A great kisser and Beside's that she's just an amazing girl, leaves you breathless and wanting more. A mystery, wynter will love you with all of her heart, and be good to you til the very end.
Have you kissed wynter? Aww you're missing out!!
by mcjagger156389 March 12, 2013
A girl that is a little sensitive at times, but that's what makes her....her. She has an amazing smile that can shine through any problem. If she is upset, she will still put other's before herself. She is perfect in every way.
Wynter? Yeah, all the guys have a crush on her.
by MKR2016 January 01, 2015
An all-around great human being who always looks to achieve and succeed. This person is also great in bed and can make his or her partner feel like no other.
Wynter is one of the coolest people I have ever met.
by NeverATruerWordSpoken May 23, 2014
1)The frosty chill a guy feels when he jumps into an icy pool, except this is from a living person.
2)A person who kills the mood by simply walking into the room.
3)Someone who would be fucked up if they were high, then deny anthing ever happened.
4)A person who dissapears whenever there is work to be done.
1)I got that wynters feeling again, there might be a ghost in the area.
2)Man, that chick is such a wynters.
3)You're such a wynters
4)There her goes, pulling a wynters.
by Habitarius April 03, 2006
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