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One who zones out and is a spazz about the stupidest shit. One who enjoys cutting lawns and ditches u for the couch and eats patatoes like a MFer.(tom is prefrence)one who has dirty Sox(Tom) One who lives in a world of shit(toms room) One who is dirty(tom)
hey Tom, wanna hang today? Oh no Im busy Im gonna go home and chill on the couch!
by Biddy Just Kidding Tom April 07, 2003
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When you are talking to a Wyllner (preferably BOB). They stare off into space and zone out, but then say they were listening all along.
Haber says" I did the HW last night do you want to copie it."


BOB says" What what o yea shure shure. Wait what?"
by Haber April 06, 2003
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When in conversation with someone, you totally loose focus and say something completely off topic.
"Hey Tom you wanna go to the show tonight?"

"Look at that car"
by Drew Mc April 01, 2003
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Last name of some cool punk rock kids,if someone says you are pulling a biddy, it means you dressing like these people.
you going to see wyllner's brother's band play tonight, they're called templeton and there website is www.templetonmusic.cjb.net
by Oxford April 02, 2003
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