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7 definitions by Oxford

Last name of some cool punk rock kids,if someone says you are pulling a biddy, it means you dressing like these people.
you going to see wyllner's brother's band play tonight, they're called templeton and there website is www.templetonmusic.cjb.net
by Oxford April 02, 2003
a word used normaly to describe a huge penis
ohh baby that JaMiNkLe is makeing me so wet.
by Oxford April 23, 2005
A lame word used by a homosexual member at Genmay known as XiAkUmAiX.

XiAkUmAiX says s00t, because he like the cock.

by Oxford June 07, 2003
Similar to Nigel, loner, creedy describes a person without friends.
Creedy, where are your mates?
by Oxford March 21, 2003
a person who doesn't belive in the holocaust.
that guy, he's Apollyon.
by Oxford February 25, 2003
A Cybill is someone who when saying the word, says it in a manner similar to that of Cybill Faulty.

A Cybill is definitely worse than a numpti.
Liana is a Cybill!
by oxford December 02, 2003
someone who acts like an idiot, one who never laughs out loud or and always says na and opens his/her eyes wide when he/she says it. One who lies about the origin of their musical equiptment.
Stupid biddy! (followed by a smack in the back of the persons head)
by Oxford April 02, 2003