a vaginal expulsion of air/ vaginal fart., primarily used in southern Mississippi, USA., syn. queef
You shoulda smelled the room after she wuzzled. What'd it smell like? The shit-house door on a shrimp boat!
by Big C August 15, 2003
Top Definition
An awsome cartoon show that was based from characters that were made from two animals. There was Rhinoci, who was half rhino; half monkey. Then they had Eleroo, who was part elephant and part kangaroo.
My favorite character was Hopppo; she was entertaining :)
by claustrophobic chicken March 03, 2005
Similar to a glomp, a wuzzle is a gentle loving greeting used primarily between "wuzzle buddies".
Mike leapt across the room to wuzzle Jane when she entered.
by jay June 16, 2004
Verb - To scan the area for treats or mischief
Noun - A creature that carries out said verb
Rufus wuzzled about for bras to chew on.
by Rufus O'Reilly September 17, 2013
A cute person whose milkshake is better than all
That shit is so Wuzzles
by Dizzle June 10, 2004
the wrinkles and hair around an arsehole
ewww your face looks like a wuzzle.
by liltrip June 02, 2009
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