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It's an online symbol that looks like a smiley face
A lot of people use :] in aim
by claustrophobic chicken February 02, 2005
One of Garfield's favorite foods to eat.
Garfield always eats lasagna before it can cool
by claustrophobic chicken February 06, 2005
A funny way to spell "i hate you"
i h8 u is a better way to spell i hate you
by claustrophobic chicken February 06, 2005
A shorter way to ask "why?"
most tv is stupid


because the shows are pointless
by claustrophobic chicken December 08, 2004
My favorite character in the show "teen titens." She is a very humorous and entertaing character.

In one episode, she adopted a slug from another planet and made him into her pet.
She also has a shitty sister who I wish would get hit by a semi.
by claustrophobic chicken May 12, 2005
A playable character in the game arc the lad: twilight of the spirit.

She is a puppet who was sealed in a chest and when Darc and his allies find her, they battle her monsters. After the monsters are defeated, she tells you how to leave the area they are in, deciding to travel with you.

Her quest is to be free and not to be controlled like a puppet.
Bebedora is cooler than some of the ff characters
by claustrophobic chicken February 06, 2005
An awsome cartoon show that was based from characters that were made from two animals. There was Rhinoci, who was half rhino; half monkey. Then they had Eleroo, who was part elephant and part kangaroo.
My favorite character was Hopppo; she was entertaining :)
by claustrophobic chicken March 03, 2005

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