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A term to describe the acrid smell of a nasty bitches vagina.
Sweet jesus it smells like a shrimp boat down here.
by Lifter5 January 05, 2008
The act of a fella recieving oral sex from 2 women simultaniously while finger blasting each of them from behind. Each woman must have their ass pointed out to each side in order for the "captain" to reach each vagina for insertion. Wearing a captains hat is strongly encouraged. If walked in upon mid shrimping, the captain must simply reply in his best forrest gump voice "that's my Boat."
Dude, two strippers were giving me head after taking lines of coke off my dong and I gave em the old shrimp boat!
by El Capitan26 December 13, 2011
the act of cumming in someones ass crack and then sucking it out with a straw.
"Dude, last night my girl asked me to shrimp boat her!"
by diamondinTHErough January 05, 2009
A type of lovemaking, particularly associated with gay men. One man ejaculates inside the other man's anus, then proceeds to take a straw (or pipe or other device) and suck his own semen out of the man's anus. See also shrimping.
I heard that Chris is the captian Brian's shrimp boat.
by angry clown March 07, 2005
a short ugly girl who doesn't get any dates but does good in school. Usually turns lesbian after a while.
Paco: Why are all these little shrimp boats here?
Bronson: Idk, I guess we ended up in some lesbian club.
by Paco699 October 20, 2009

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