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4 definitions by Boycy

A cross between a penis and a vagina. Sadly, the sighting of a penginas has never been recorded in medical history, but if one was spotted, this is what it would be called.
"That's no ordinary large clitoris, that's a penginas."
by Boycy September 29, 2004
Flap scraping occurs after many hours of continuous sexual intercourse, when the female vagina will be unable to produce any more juices and dry up, creating a scraping sensation for both parties.
"Dude, she kept me up till 7am, did some hardcore flap scraping that night"
by Boycy September 29, 2004
A distinct style of Wuzzling, whereby the male partaker will be unshaven resulting in a much stronger sensation.
"Listen Jerry, there will be no fucking GruzzleWuzzles tonight, go and shave."
by Boycy September 29, 2004
Wuzzling occurs when a male procedes to give his female partner oral sex from behind, and is then able to stuff his nose in her anal passage.
Fucking hell Judith, Tom doesn't half give a good wuzzle.
by Boycy September 29, 2004