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a form of well, pronounced slower while thinking.
"can we get some ice cream?"

"Wull... I guess we could."
by biggj April 29, 2009
A term originating from Liverpool, regarding anyone not from Liverpool. A shortened term for 'woolyback' (Sheep shagger)

Adjective, plural: Wulls. Wullz
'Koff yer fkin Wull yer from Birkenhead not der 'Pool
by Papist October 07, 2009
Sexiest Sex God on the planet!!
Plays guitar...thinks he's Slash!!
Growin a beard!
Flange - Chris do you you not shave your beard...it doesn't fit the school pupil image.

Wulls - No I'm a Rock Star!!

Flange - Oh must have missed that one!
by Followers of Wulls October 25, 2004