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'Koff is short for Fuck Off. The origin of the word comes from an immature attempt at censorship. Some feel that removing the first three letters, emulating an FCC strategy to essentially chop the word down to something almost unrecognizable, detracts from the vulgarity of the word.
Dan: Hey Kyle, why don't just get out my awesome house, I'd like to hang with my cool housemates, Aaron and Al.

Kyle: Hey Dan, kindly 'koff.
by DCandaP August 15, 2009
To fuck off; It takes skill and dedication to say this to some one. You need to cough and say this at the same time, acting like you are coughing butyou are insulting the person at the same time; Not many people know of this technique so it is used well against teachers and also parents.
Mom- " Hey Jimmy, how was school today?"
Son- "Koff mom."
by rderickson9 August 25, 2010
Another way of saying 'fuck off'
<Chris> you suck GazCT
<GazCT> 'koff
by Chriseh February 18, 2009
Keep Our Flag Flying
by RebelYell1308 September 14, 2015
Very good weed that makes one cough...a lot!
That nigga bobby has the best weed in the world, I swear it's that koff!
by Ultimatehen September 05, 2006
a jackoff. Can be used more benignly as a generic term for a person, like muthafuckaz. Employs end truncation, kind of like bot or blog. See also kass
"What are all these koffs doing here?"
by el_yotcho February 13, 2004
To smoke marijuana

comes from pokemon ''koffing'' and actually when you ''koff' a lot you usually ''cough''
I koff a lot
by jean_nic January 13, 2011

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