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The act of having doggie style sex when the penis slips out of the vagina and attempts insertion into the anus thus your partner darts away to the right or left avoiding insertion.
Bob attempted a Fayetteville Pit Maneuver while nailing Donna doggie style when his dick slipped out and almost went in her asshole. Donna shot off the bed and cracked her head on the end table.
by Disco Stick 65 April 27, 2010
The point in which you are so focused on your facebook page that you loose all sense of reality and or your surroundings.
We all tryed to get Greg's attention but he was in a facebook fog.
by Disco Stick 65 April 29, 2010
The fine film of female ejaculant left on your testicles after having sex all night.
Dude I boned Tess all night and had to get up and wash off the nut glaze before it dried.
by Disco Stick 65 April 29, 2010
When a male that suffers with ED decides to suprise his partner and takes a viagra. In addition, his partner unknowingly slips a viagra in his drink thus producing a wrought iron pole.
Dean was going to surprise Jane for their aniversary but Jane surprised him and now he's sporting a wrought iron pole.
by Disco Stick 65 April 28, 2010
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