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A white guy trying to be korean; A white person completely obsessed with Koreans, Korean culture, koreanness, or just being Korean. They try to be Korean, but they just can't, because Koreans are just so much smarter and cooler and better at math and more robotic than any white guy could ever be.
See also wink
His 8th grade geometry teacher, Mr. Litvak, is a total Worean because he always talks about how much better the koreans in the class are and how they're "absolutely tremendous" which is total bollocks because them koreans are pressured by their asian parents and that puts them in a difficult position so they don't do anything but like... yeah, try to be good at math and suck up to geometry teachers.
by V-ron to the R-town April 06, 2006
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As wink but specific to Korean culture.
I'm doing taekwondo everyday, I think I'm becoming a worean.
by SCÜD June 18, 2005

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