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A small town of around 5,000 in northern Wyoming. One of the most conservative towns. Republican all the way

-Very friendly people, but ignorant and stubborn in terms of politics, international affairs, environmental problems etc.
-Sport dominated
-State football champs 3 times in a row

-Academics lacking
-Very clean and safe town
-Great weather compared to other towns in Wyoming
-Pepsi main base: don't walk around with a coke brand
-If you're seeking intellectual stimulation, challenges, freedom to talk about anything without being judged, this place will suck the life out of you. If you're just looking for fun, peace, little change, live here
"What are you up to this week?"
"Oh you know, there's a football game Thursday between Worland and Thermopolis and maybe I'll drop by Milly G's for a cup of coffee."

"What do you think of Obama?"
"Hate him"
"I don't know"
by Paintapic November 13, 2009
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