An aspect of written/spoken language.
Why would any one say that word.
by badgerman5566 January 26, 2011
A word meaning anything and everything. Mostly used for "yes", cool, awesome, or i agree.
--"I like pie."

by shalalalalaxoxo April 07, 2010
Ghetto slang for the word "weird". Similar to "over hur" for "over here" and "do me thur" for "do me there".
Tara: I just saw the alien from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" right over there!!!
Geoffrey: Word.
Tara: Yeah dogg. That thur was word...
by taraiswrong October 12, 2010
thas how u feelin .. thats fine .
boy - ur hair aint even on point

girl - word.. thas how u feelin .. thats fine .
by mb617 April 06, 2009
The definition for the word would go here
An example for the word would go here
by MaximumOverdrive October 20, 2008
Something you say when you cant think of the exact phrasing on something, or just cant get the words out.
its like trying to say "whacky flailing inflateable arm flailing tube-man" and fucking up so you just say "whacky adkouy... WORDS!!!"
by Zombie522 October 15, 2008
letters combined together
a plus s plus s spells the word ass
by Mac12345 April 08, 2006

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