1. A sarcastic response to a comment where you want to seem like you agree, but all you hear is words.
2. Something you say to a brother when he's talking to you about his whip, golds, baby momma, and/or chedda.
<your local neighborhood bar>
Brother: Say bra, you seen my car yet. That sh*ts fly.
Guy: No man, I haven't seen it.
Brother: Well check it. See here. When I role down my street, bumpin' that UNLV, puttin' my golds on shine, I gots all them little hood rats hollerin'.
Guy: Oh, words.
by Joe Nathan Coatez April 20, 2010
A phrase commonly used by 'hardcore' kids.
Usually used in agreement or for no reason at all. Most of them have no idea why they say it.
"That band is legit."

"That bitch is fine."

"I love you."
by mayflowers December 24, 2008
An emotional uprising caused by the lack of communication between the sexes.
A: "i really do want to be with you i just played games with you to make you jealous..."
Prince: "Word."
by Pely October 02, 2007
something a gangsta fag says to another gangsta fag
gangsta fag 1: u chillin'?
ganagsta fag 2: word.
by Kevkin September 28, 2006
n,plural, visual symbols made up of letters that enable oral and written communication. Words constitute the building blocks of any language
A high disregard for the importance of words by a given people signals the decline of that culture.
by copyeditor March 09, 2006
It's like "word"... but plural.
Tim: That show was dope, yo.
Cory: Words.
by Luth [AC] February 17, 2009
1. adj. In agreement or support.

2. n. (variation) A greeting
1. "That stuff was disgusting!"

2. "Word, Diane."
by Monica March 20, 2005

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