An emotional uprising caused by the lack of communication between the sexes.
A: "i really do want to be with you i just played games with you to make you jealous..."
Prince: "Word."
by Pely October 02, 2007
something a gangsta fag says to another gangsta fag
gangsta fag 1: u chillin'?
ganagsta fag 2: word.
by Kevkin September 28, 2006
It's like "word"... but plural.
Tim: That show was dope, yo.
Cory: Words.
by Luth [AC] February 17, 2009
n,plural, visual symbols made up of letters that enable oral and written communication. Words constitute the building blocks of any language
A high disregard for the importance of words by a given people signals the decline of that culture.
by copyeditor March 09, 2006
1. adj. In agreement or support.

2. n. (variation) A greeting
1. "That stuff was disgusting!"

2. "Word, Diane."
by Monica March 20, 2005
What retards who don't understand that by writing word] they mean you put the WORD in the BRACKETS!
Stupid people need to be filtered out of the human gene pool.
by Loki July 16, 2003
these definitions: word.
stoner 1: is so chill bro

Stoner 2: Word
by atomic SX11 July 14, 2005

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