agreed or a way of saying you understand where the person is coming from
word to that, my brother
by travis p August 08, 2005
Word is a software package that lets you write words into sentences and arrange them into things that are called 'documents'. Hence, that's why it is called Word.

It allows you to write death threats to people and anything your heart's desire, as long as it goes on a peice of paper.

Word was made by the software company called Microsoft. Before Word came out everyone had to write their resumes and cover letters in their own shit or blood.

A synonym of Word is Turd, because people over the ages still think of writing their resumes in their own shit.
"Time to fire up Word! I gotta write me a resume so I can work at Do Nothing INc! Squui!! =^.^="

"Word crashed on me again! Now my resume has shit smeared all over it! WHY THE FUCK. I HATE WORD. I HATE EVERYONE I HATE THE WORLD"
by pinkturbokitty June 19, 2009
i got you.
an answer to a question.
wanna smoke a blunt?


did you have fun last night?

by monizzy March 11, 2009
An aspect of written/spoken language.
Why would any one say that word.
by badgerman5566 January 26, 2011
A word meaning anything and everything. Mostly used for "yes", cool, awesome, or i agree.
--"I like pie."

by shalalalalaxoxo April 07, 2010
that is correct
Are you coming?
by Robbie Alexander January 22, 2003
Ghetto slang for the word "weird". Similar to "over hur" for "over here" and "do me thur" for "do me there".
Tara: I just saw the alien from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" right over there!!!
Geoffrey: Word.
Tara: Yeah dogg. That thur was word...
by taraiswrong October 12, 2010

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