Life of word. Like that of a rapper.
I'm going to bitch slap your mom and eat your children! WORD LIFE!
by dcomposed December 21, 2003
peace out; later mofo; used at the end of a good rhyme that is spitted out and you want everybodiez attention.
''Put some in ur lip and have a dip'' word life
The unique phrase invented by the one and only James Flores. This expression is priceless, and carries whatever meaning the one saying it wishes it to.
Word life fa sho, playa.
by james September 02, 2003
it means bein real to your background,your roots and your true talent..
it means reppin' where ur from and bein a tru Thug!

all Hail John Cena,the Doctor of Thuganomics!
"im reppin' Toronto,putt-in it on the map,its the worlds greatest city,all the others are crap!" -Word-Life!
by soaresboy January 06, 2004
The greatest saying ever, created by the most talented person ever: John Cena.
Word Life, bitch!
by Nitemare May 05, 2003
its a saying of ppol that are white
n they say it when they see black ppol.
''yo nigga what chu up to word life nigga!!!!!
by dave September 25, 2004
An expression either ending a freestyle or jsut a statement
All you feel is fear.If you step in my house wipe your feet before you get here. WORDLIFE!
by Mike October 26, 2004
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